Gresh & Zo led off Monday’s show talking about the Celtics’ dominant 101-79 Game 4 win over the Hawks Sunday night.

The C’s took a 3-1 lead as the series now shifts back to Atlanta for Tuesday night’s Game 5. But do the Hawks have any chance of getting back in this series?

“I did not envision what we saw that night. If you’re running the Atlanta Hawks you have to think about blowing it up  because the mix of players they have do not have enough guts to beat the good teams in the NBA,” Gresh said of Atlanta. “It goes to show you that experience in this series is ultimately going to prevail, and no surprise that the Celtics are poised to win this thing Tuesday night.”

The guys also discussed the Celts prospects as the playoffs move forward. The Chicago Bulls are without All Star point guard Derrick Rose and are down 3-1 to the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead of having to go through both the Bulls and Miami Heat, it’s looking like the C’s could avoid Chicago.

“Hopefully the Celtics are able to win this and then get a week off. Because if there is one thing that scares me its Paul Pierce with the knee, Ray Allen with the ankle, now Avery Bradley with the shoulder,” said Gresh. “All of a sudden the little injuries that can slow yo down in the postseason are starting to crop up. That’s a scary proposition.”

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“It’s looking like it’s just the Heat and it’s just the Conference Finals. The Celtics have done a very good job of putting themselves in position to not only win a series but also get some rest afterwards as well,” added Gresh. “I think Chicago is going to put up a fight here in Game5, and ultimately Philly closes it out. But you’ll take Game 7 in that series. The Celtics need as much rest as humanly possible. They have to take care of all these dings.”


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