Gresh and Zo started off Friday’s show less than 48 hours removed from the tragic news of Junior Seau’s suicide, and it has the guys thinking about what effect this will have on the NFL and the game of football.

Gresh and Zo both agree that they are impressed with the what the NFL has been doing to try and prevent injuries.  But where is the line?  When does the NFL jeopardize the game play for the sake of the players safety? Gresh and Zo call on the listeners to see how they feel about where the game is at today.

“I think this process is ongoing and I think they have done an impeccable. And I say impeccable because it’s still a collision sport, despite the new rule changes,” Scott Zolak, who played in the NFL from 1992-99, said. “The NFL doesn’t know everything. I think they’ve changed the rules to help these guys out. They’ve changed the equipment to have better playing surfaces. … Helmets have changed. It’s going to be an ongoing process.”


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