I-Team: Christy Mihos Says He’s Broke, Wife Files For Divorce

By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

BARNSTABLE (CBS) – Andrea Mihos says this is an extremely sad time for her and her family as she heads into into Barnstable Probate Court, “Not a happy time.” Mihos has filed for a divorce from her husband, Christy, after he was accused of hitting her and threatening to kill her near the couples’ oceanfront Florida home in February.

The I-Team first reported that according to a police report, money problems and allegations of an addiction to hiring prostitutes, strippers and porn stars for sex fueled the alleged assault. Those troubling details were laid out for the first time in court.

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Andrea’s lawyer, David Lee said there was a, “Huge amount of wasteful spending by Mr. Mihos, some of which was spent with respect to women who charge for time spent together, some spent flying across the country and flying to different places to be with these women.”

Andrea’s lawyers say Christy has blown through 25 million dollars since the sale of his convenience stores back in 2009. Some of the money apparently put into his two failed runs for governor and his addiction to hiring women for sex. They says, “Between 2009 and today Mrs. Mihos doesn’t know where the money has gone.”

Christy’s lawyer, Robert Langlois, said, “Mr. Mihos is living a very, very simple life compared to when the Mihos’ were together, almost monastic in the financial manner. He has no money.”

Christy Mihos says he only has about $7,000 to his name. He’s asking his wife for money. Andrea has a restraining order against Christy. She’s living on the Cape, he’s living in Florida. Andrea says she paid $50,000 for Christy’s treatment at McLean Hospital in Cambridge in March.

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