ATLANTA (CBS) – Did Paul Pierce “Tebow” in Atlanta Tuesday night after leading the Celtics past the Hawks in Game 2 of their playoff series?

After making two free throws with a little more than a minute left in the game, Pierce paused on his way back to the bench, dropped to one knee and put his fist on his forehead.

Many people thought he was doing the move named after New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, who gets down on a knee and bows his head for a brief prayer on the field.

Watch: Pierce “Tebowing” Video

“You just want to thank God for putting you in those positions,” Pierce told reporters after the game. “It wasn’t pre-scripted. It just came to me.”

“I didn’t know he did,” Celtics head coach Doc Rivers said after the game. “You caught me off guard. I didn’t see it. I missed it but if he did it, that’s terrific. I wish he hadn’t done it but I haven’t seen it.”

Pierce led the way for Boston with 36 points and 14 rebounds in a team-high 44 minutes.

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