Wednesday former Patriots linebacker Junior Seau was found dead, from an apparent suicide, in his home in California.

His death mirrors the death of former Chicago Bears defensive back Dave Duerson from February 2011, which leads many to question whether or not head injuries played some part in these death and others like them.

Former New England Revolution forward Taylor Twellman’s career was cut short after suffering a neck injury and a subsequent serious concussion in 2008. He battled to make a return during the 2010 season, but was eventually placed on the season-ending injury list.

At end of the 2010 MLS season Twellman announced his retirement from the game and has agreed to donate his brain to science after death.

Twellman joined D.A. to discuss the unfortunate death of his former neighbor Junior Seau. Twellman told D.A. how over the year that the two were neighbors Seau became a soccer fan and they talked about everything from the game to head injuries.

“We had many beers talking about sports and life and ironically at the time head injuries.”

The guys discussed Seau’s life post football and his incident in 2010 when he drove 100-feet down a cliff. Seau said he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

The guys discussed all of this plus the effects of the Saints “bounty program” on player health.


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