A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Yes I’m sure you’ve heard……Osama Bin Laden was sent to the big Allah in the sky a year ago and everyone seems quite proud of that accomplishment, myself included.    It was the efforts of some heroic Navy Seals who pulled it off…..and took Osama down, but it was in case you forgot, under the guidance and direction of the Commander-In-Chief…..BHO.   In fact a few of the accounts I’ve heard in the past few days, one would think BHO single-handedly pulled this off.   Yes he did it……and Allah, if not God only knows, a guy named Willard (those of us who know him call him Mitt) could never have done this.   And if you want just two good reasons why BHO should be elected again as Commander-in-Chief….try this for a slogan: “UBL is dead…..GE is still alive”    Thank you BHO and OMG I think I’m getting a little misty over this one.      If you had any doubt this election campaign is going to get down-and-sleezy, those doubts are now gone.   BHO from Chicago’s South side is not afraid to play dirty.   He’s got some of the slipperyist people in the history of politics ready to do his bidding and the big hope of many is that Mitt learns to take the gloves off and go for it.    The other thought is……since this is really Jimmy Carter’s second term, that’s all they’re allowed isn’t it?

     Oh and not to change the subject so quickly….however…..I see the “great unwashed of America” came out again today to protest anything that came to mind.     I guess it was a celebration of May Day in various cities across the country and leave it to the occutards, I mean occupiers, to demand two things:   “Don’t go to work today….and don’t  buy anything that will feed the capitalist system.”   Easy for them right?    They don’t have jobs anyway and with no job, they got no money either…so perfect….from what I witnessed on various television reports today, this dwindling group of incredibly stupid people, should at least borrow a couple of bucks from Dad and maybe buy some soap, shampoo and deodorant.

     OK….I feel better now!


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