The 2012 NFL Draft was stocked with plenty of talent, and plenty of guys holding onto criminal records.

A lot of the chargers are for ridiculous things, and just college guys being college guys. But some are bit more serious.

So Toucher & Rich decided to play a little game. Rich gave the name of a player from this year’s Draft and then three choices of crimes. Your job is to name the crime the player was arrested for.

First up was defensive end Bruce Irvin of West Virginia, who went 15th overall to the Seattle Seahawks. What do you think he has a rap sheet for?

Then it was Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who went to the Patriots in the seventh round. He was touted as a much better talent, but his past indiscretions saw him drop. What exactly were those past indiscretions?

Not to be forgotten was cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who the St. Louis Rams took despite multiple drug arrests. And what does Jenkins have in common with Jets’ corner Antonio Cromartie?

Play along to see if you “Know Your NFL Draft Criminals!”


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