BOSTON (CBS) — Tony Massarotti is on the disabled list.

The co-host of Felger & Mazz will miss Tuesday’s show after suffering an injury in a Dave Cowens charity basketball event on Tuesday morning and was not able to host Tuesday afternoon.

Marc Bertrand slid over into Mazz’s seat for Felger & Mazz, with WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche taking over The Baseball Reporters duties.

Mazz was injured as he tried to blow by former Celtics Dana Barros in the charity game. Check out the aftermath of the injury here:

We asked Felger & Mazz fans to send their best well wishes to Mazz via Twitter, and unsurprisingly, we got a lot of humorous responses:

@MattyMackay: “Yaaaaa this one time i was playin ball and i wicked rolled my ankle. I got a double double tho” #MazzVoice

@BillSur: 15 day DL Tony? – I think Ellsbury & Beckett have doctors you can get a 2nd opinion from!

@machine1776:  Oh come on!! Way to go Jacoby Mazzerati.

@sammit86: Did Tony “trip and bump into someone?” #karma

@goodvillain002: Did the official bump Mazz back?

@RedSoxRedShoes: I’m sorry it wasn’t Felger, Tony.

Tony Walking Cast Parody: 

What Happened To Tony?: 


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