By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – A brawl between a Red Sox fan and some New York fans in the stands at Yankee Stadium is making the rounds on the Internet.

Oddly enough, the Yankees weren’t even playing the Red Sox when it happened Friday. The fan just happened to be wearing her Boston pride on her head when the video shows her arguing with a group of men and women. She’s seen wrestling until she falls backward, banging her head against metal railing. Later, we see a woman pulling the Red Sox fan’s hair.

“People have to be held responsible,” says therapist Michael Hayden, who runs Bay State Anger Management and Counseling. “You get that pack mentality, and once the adrenaline gets going, it’s almost like a pack of wolves. They have no rhyme or reason why they’re doing it. They’re just following. People have to learn to be leaders instead of just pack animals.”

The woman in the Red Sox hat did contact us, saying she did not want to discuss what happened. A spokesperson for the Yankees says stadium security is looking into the matter.


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