AMESBURY (CBS) – They say there are two things you can’t avoid; death and taxes. Well now we’re adding a third: the long arm of the great state of New Jersey.

An Amesbury woman who is from the Garden State got a $73 bill for unemployment benefits that Jersey says it overpaid her 36 years ago. That’s 1976. Alice Mainville was a high school senior then, and even though she collected unemployment benefits briefly then, she says the bill is crazy.

debt New Jersey Wants Mass. Woman To Pay $73 Debt From 1976

$73 bill from 1976 for unemployment benefits.

“I’m like, really New Jersey? There is nothing else you can do to raise money for the state? Raise tolls!” she says. “After 36 years they’re coming after me for $73 . It just seemed a real waste of taxpayer money,” she adds.

Alice says she’s not sending the state a check because she has no idea if she really was overpaid all those years ago and Jersey has sent no documentation.

In case your wondering, New Jersey is not trying to collect with interest.


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