Felger and Massarotti discuss the Red Sox successful road trip, as Boston won six of seven against Minnesota and Chicago. Is this a turnaround?

Mike Felger says that this Sox team can still win 90 games, largely because of the quality of their opponents.

“Whatever their problems are, they’re still better than three-quarters of the American League. … They’re going to be a 90-win team with some problems,” Felger said.

Tony Mazz is still cautious with his outlook on the Sox, saying, “They had a good week … but there are still things about them that are bothering me.”

One such thing is the attitude of certain players in the clubhouse. Mazz mentioned that Josh Beckett still seems to be having some issues, noting Beckett’s lack of a reaction after reliever Scott Atchison replaced him and got him out of a bases-loaded jam.

Felger and Mazz then took a couple of calls on Rondo and the Celtics. Can Rondo be the guy in Boston in the future? What does his play last night say about his role with the Celtics?


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