BOSTON (CBS) – A couple who lost almost everything in a fire the week before their wedding say they are stunned but grateful for the outpouring of support they’ve received.

Heather McGuire and her soon-to-be husband Toby Bourke arrived in a limo Friday morning at CBS Boston’s sister station Mix 104.1, just a day before the wedding. There, McGuire told morning show hosts Karson & Kennedy a story about a woman who came up to them at Target, and having recognized them on the news, gave them a $50 gift card.

Earlier this week, the radio station put out a call to listeners, asking for donations. Several local businesses responded, offering jewelry, spa treatments, lingerie, and more.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Precious Metals of Sudbury even offered to replace their wedding rings for free with custom ones.

On Thursday, the soon-to-be newlyweds were allowed into the apartment for 10 minutes and were able to salvage a handful of wedding items, including their original rings. At that point, the offer for replacement rings turned into one for a free custom diamond pendant.

Perhaps the best gift of all came after McGuire and Bourke left Mix 104.1. Their passports were lost in the fire. That left their honeymoon, a cruise to the Bahamas, in jeopardy.

But thanks to some help from Senator Brown, they said they were headed over to pick up their new passports immediately following their radio appearance.

Heather gets emotional as she says, “It’s unbelievable,” when asked about the outpouring of support.

The Red Cross is also helping Toby and Heather, along with the other 68 victims from the fire.

The city of Marlboro has also set up a relief fund.


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