DUXBURY (CBS) – A South Shore family is seeking criminal charges after a high school hockey player was knocked out by a hard hit.

Tucker Hannon is now back at it, playing lacrosse, but back in January, he suffered a concussion and the opposing player from Scituate may get charged with assault and battery.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Video shows Alex Way of Scituate hit Hannon from Duxbury just after he took a shot.

Tucker suffered a severe concussion and missed five weeks of school. When his parents tried to get some answers from Scituate officials, no one called them back. Now, they’re looking to file criminal charges.

Personal Injury Attorney Bob Ahearn says the hit is not criminal. “When (Hannon) stepped on the ice he consented to being hit,” says Ahearn. “Whether it’s a hit to the head, an elbow, or a slash, he consented to being hit.”

Alex Way will be going in front of a Clerk Magistrate Friday morning, who will decide if criminal charges should be brought.

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