BOSTON (CBS) – A New Hampshire driver is accused of pointing a flare gun at another driver on I-93.

Police say the driver, 18-year-old Nicholas Richer, pulled out the gun and then it went off in his own car, nearly hitting his 16-year-old passenger.

Police say the road rage started when Richer cut off another car at the Hooksett tolls and it escalated from there.

Police say the gun could have easily killed the passenger.

“It smashed the windshield, and then ricocheted down into the front passenger seat,” says New Hampshire State Police Sgt. Charles Johnson. “The round literally missed the passenger, who was a 16-year-old juvenile, by a couple of inches.”

The driver was tracked down to a gas station in Bow where police say he tried to hide the flare gun in some bushes.

Richer faces felony charges and will be back in court next month.


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