By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

BROCKTON (CBS) – We’ve heard of “road rage,” but now there’s “gas rage.”

One night last week in Brockton, a driver pulled up to a pump at the Prestige gas station. He started pumping gas, then went inside, and went into a rage, screaming and gesturing at the clerk, Sherry Lincoln.

brocktongasrage1 Man Goes Into Rage Over Prices At Brockton Gas Station

This man grew enraged over the price of gas at a station in Brockton.

“I’m not used to customers yelling over the price of gas,” said Lincoln. “It didn’t really make me nervous because the customers that were there are my regulars, they’re not gonna let something happen to me.”

After screaming and venting at Lincoln, the irate driver then went back outside, and started ranting to other people who were pumping gas.

He even went so far as to open the car door of a stranger, and started yelling at him.

Another driver had enough and called Brockton police. When the officers arrived, they calmed the man down, only to find out part of the problem was that he had accidentally pumped premium gas (instead of regular) into his tank.

So, the driver wanted his money back, but he didn’t get it.

“The pumps are clearly marked,” said store manager Ramon Garay, “and if he pumps premium, then he gets premium.”

What’s more, this particular station is actually one of the cheapest ones in the area — about 10 cents lower than its competitors.

No charges were filed against the angry customer. Lincoln said the incident was the first time she had ever seen the man and she hasn’t seen him since.


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