BOSTON (CBS) — Despite the massive pay raise for one year, Wes Welker may not be entirely happy to sign on the dotted line this offseason. And hey may not.

The wide receiver, who received the franchise tag this offseason, told ESPN Radio on Tuesday that he probably won’t attend mandatory offseason workouts if a long-term deal is not agreed upon by that date. It seems like a nearly impossible feat, too, considering Welker said his agent and the team have not had any contract talks.

“I’m not 100 percent sure on that,” he told ESPN Radio. “I don’t know if I will or not. I’m thinking I’m probably not going to [attend mandatory workouts], but things could change.”

Welker, who hasn’t participated yet in the voluntary team workouts, admitted that the tactic to skip out on team activities has him feeling strange.

“I just feel that this was the best, really the only, leverage I had is to take this route,” he told ESPN Radio. “It’s not a route I thought I’d ever take, just because that’s not me. It’s just kind of the spot I’ve been put in.”

If he does end up signing his franchise tender, he’ll be paid more than $9 million for his work in 2012. However, he stressed that he’s seeking long-term security over a short-term payday. He did admit that progress in talks could be enough to get him to end any potential holdout.


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