By Quentin Nowland, Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc.

SUDBURY (CBS) – Homeowners in the Greater Boston area experienced two significant storms last year; Hurricane Irene in late August and an October nor’easter Halloween weekend.

The fortunate ones escaped with minimal damage while others were left with fallen trees on driveways, houses and cars.

Storms this powerful are somewhat rare in New England, to get two in one year really left Boston and towns like Wellesley, Wayland, Weston and Sudbury reeling from the destruction.

Many property owners with urgent needs addressed the issues of fallen trees, branches and debris.

However, some of those with non-life threatening tree-related problems decided to wait.

Unfortunately, some of those that decided to wait are now dealing with unsafe properties and trees due to weak limbs, broken branches, split crotches and damaged trunks.

If the project is too dangerous or complex for you as a homeowner, you should strongly consider consulting with a professional and insured tree service company like Lynch Landscape & Tree Service, Inc.

Year-round tree care professionals and MA Certified Arborists can assist you not only after a storm like Irene or a nor’easter, but anytime when you feel the health and safety of a tree could be compromised.

As a homeowner, we strongly recommend keeping safety paramount. Look up and inspect your trees after storms and do a walk-through every few months to ensure you have healthy and safe trees.

Trees are an important part of your landscape and property value so by pruning, treating for insects/diseases and removing dead and dangerous trees you are making your home and landscape a more beautiful and safe place.


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