By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Yoga has never been more popular, and it’s not just women who are getting the benefits. The concept of the male workout is evolving beyond muscle and brawn.

More men are putting down the weights and the focus on bulking up. They’re learning the positives of stretching and deep breathing.

But this isn’t called yoga. It’s called “broga.”

“It’s not taboo anymore. They’re not shy anymore,” said Yoga instructor Steve Tripp.

At yoga studios across the country, there has been a spike in male attendance. There’s even a broga website.

“The benefits greatly outweigh the embarrassment of being the only man in the room,” said Tripp.

David Smithstein was an army officer and he says the workout is above and beyond his formal training.

Nicholas Tedeschi, a former US Marine, agrees.

“I go to the gym too, but you don’t get that same effect as you do when you do something like this,” said Tedeschi.

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