A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I have the opportunity to drive through many states in the course of each year and it’s really difficult to pick one area as having the worst drivers, but since you insisted……the winner is:   Florida…….by far.     Probably more so than any other state, Florida has a lot of drivers who really aren’t from Florida.   It’s a huge tourist state, “snowbirds” by the tens of thousands flock to Florida every year from up and down the entire east coast, to the mid-west to Canada, and maybe the dumb-driver syndrome just takes over when they cross the state line.    I don’t think so.

     I recently took a leisurely drive through northern Florida, across the panhandle, north through parts of Georgia, into Tennessee and then Kentucky.   Florida drivers…..the worst.  Georgia….nothing outstanding, Tennessee has its tense moments on some awful interstates and Kentucky, well they’re just too damn polite there.  Pull up to a four-way stop intersection, no working signal lights of course, and you could sit there for ten minutes watching four drivers waving each other through…..”you go, no you go, no I insist you go, well alright.”    Hell in Boston there would have been three fender-benders in that period of time, to say nothing of the number of birds that had been flipped.  Do they have in-door plumbing in Kentucky yet?

     As a born and trained-in Massachusetts driver, I understand the difficulties of driving in that state.   It’s too small for the numbers of drivers there, Massachusetts drivers have a horrendous attitude problem, school bus drivers will flip you the bird while cutting you off and everybody wants to get to where they’re going…. first…..even if by only one car length.   Massachusetts drivers are aggressive, they’re crude, loaded with “tude” as I mentioned, but they’re highly skilled.   New York might be a fair comparison, but that’s a different planet.

     In Florida, it’s just plain bad drivers…….I mean, oblivious dumb drivers…everywhere.   Turn signals?   Never heard of ’em.   Out on the interstate, get out into the high-speed left lane and stay there.    Rear view mirror?   Don’t use it.  Stop signs?   It should read “pause if you feel like it.”    A red light?   Only a suggestion…no need to comply.  Green light?   Can’t see it, the sun is in my eyes.  Can’t walk?  Too short to see over the steering wheel.   Coming up on age 102?  No problem, buy a bigger Cadillac or Lincoln and people will watch out for you.         Its mighty scary down here in God’s waiting room!!!!!


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