Bradley Jay: ‘Ted Nugent Was Way Out Of Line.’

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Do you think rocker Ted Nugent was out of line when he told NRA supporters in St. Louis last week that he would be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama was reelected.

I think those are the types of words a crazy man would utter. I think those are the kind of words many insane shooters are found to have spoken before going on murderous rampages. I believe the secret service did the right thing by paying a visit to Mr. Nugent.

In America it is okay to be a bow hunting super fanatic and right wing whack job, but the line is drawn at that kind of reckless rhetoric.

Of course the Secret Service was itching for some good press to counter the current prostitute scandal, so it is no wonder they jumped on this Nugent thing.

And Ted, I have to say I find you wildly irritating. I am a gun guy and I approve of hunting, but you rub be the wrong way. How about if you just keep you mouth zipped a head out into the woods. Deep deep deep into the woods.

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