By Dan Roche, WBZ SportsBy Dan Roche

BOSTON (CBS) – With the 100-year anniversary of Fenway Park’s opening upon us, many of us are reflecting on some of the special memories it’s provided.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • I used to be able to get a special pass when I played American Legion baseball in the 1980’s that allowed you admission into the park. We would then see who didn’t show up and go sit wherever we could. Did it a few times and it was a blast! Once saw Gary Allenson hit a grand slam in extra innings in the pouring rain.
  • I began covering the Sox in the early 80’s for Curt Gowdy’s radio station in Lawrence. I wouldn’t talk to anyone, just stuck my microphone in post- and pre-games. It was cool.
  • The 1999 All-Star game was unforgettable. Seeing all those great players surround Ted Williams was pretty cool.

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  • Any time Pedro Martinez pitched was a holiday in itself. Best pitcher I’ve ever seen in person. Threw a baseball like a wiffle ball.
  • I will never forget the sound of Trot Nixon’s Game 4 walk-off home run off of Rich Harden to send the Sox to a Game 5 in the 2003 ALDS.
  • I used to stand by my usher friends for the final innings of postseason games when the Sox made their incredible runs from 2003-2008. First base side ramp. Soaked in every bit of it and made sure to look around and feel the passion.
  • The ring ceremony in 2005 was also tremendous, when Mariano Rivera got a standing ovation, tipped his cap, and smiled.

Beyond that, every day has been a treat for me at Fenway.

Believe it.

I still like to get there early and sit in silence in the stands.

Fenway to me is like the ocean is to many people.

Very calming (and yes, I am a dork!).

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