By Jack Williams, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – In April of 1975, when I arrived in Boston to take over the evening anchor duties, Dan Rea told me it was time to initiate me to the pleasures of the bleachers of Fenway Park.

On a beautiful sunny day we went along Yawkee Way and I remember my first impressions of the old ball yard.  It was before all the upgrades had taken place and it was a little down in the mouth.

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But, what it did have was history.

I was always such a big fan of Ted Williams and I was about to be initiated into the fan club of another great—Carl Yastrzemski. Dan Rea told me to really enjoy the day, because I was just another face in the crowd in the bleachers.

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I was not on the air yet….so beers were ordered and we sat back and realized why Fenway was a Crown Jewel—even if a bit tarnished.  I have been back to the park many times since that day 37 years ago, but it will remains fresh in my memory.

And, yes, the Sox won!


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