As baby boomers wax nostalgic and chat with high-school mates at class reunions, the subject of old school rock music always comes up. Usually the question becomes, “was rock music better back in the day”? And the truth is, while I will not go as far as to say old school rock was better, the essence was certainly different. Really different. I am been hard-pressed to define the difference, but Ghosts of Jupiter have done it for me. I was recently blown away by the The Ghosts Of Jupiter, who have captured the true essence of the Deep Purple, Traffic, Cream experience. Trust me. If you pine for the vibe of the Seventies, Ghosts of Jupiter will thrill you. Go see a show and try to define the elusive quality that makes them stand out. Maybe it’s the Leslie keyboard amp, or perhaps they actually channel the spirits of the great rock bands of the seventies. Ghosts Of Jupiter are the real deal and they are so good I was moved to go and stand in the front row and feel the power of the Seventies hit me directly.

Ghosts Of Jupiter’s self-titled debut album was recorded in Boston and released November 8, 2011 and is available as CD or mp3.

You can see the Ghosts Of Jupiter at the Magic Room Gallery on May 18, 2012. Don’t miss this rock experience.

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