A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     There is a certain part of me troubled by this decision, mostly because I was such a heavy smoker myself, but to my smoker friends, I’m done.  No longer will I try to defend in any way your decision to smoke, here there or anywhere and forgive me for saying so, its just plain dumb.    Anybody…….yes anybody with the least amount of intellectual capacity knows smoking is bad.   It stinks, its offensive at any level, its offensive to everyone around them, it has no redeeming social value, it’s banned almost everywhere and if telling you that you stink doesn’t bother you, how about telling you…..”you’re killing yourself…..what the hell could you be thinking!!!”

     I bring this up for two reasons;  One, My wife and I recently went to visit at the home of two friends who smoke and I had forgotten how offensive the smoking is.  Two very bright people, suckin’ this schmootz down their throat into their lungs, almost round-the-clock, almost everywhere, including in their car and from the best I can determine, will never give it up.  The second reason is, I was watching “The Five” on Fox  the other day, two of the five are smokers (two knuckleheads) and they were debating their right to smoke and were ticked off they weren’t allowed to smoke right there in the studio.   What the heck is going on here?  Are these people that stupid?

     I’m afraid the answer is YES.  I was a heavy smoker from the time I was fifteen until age 39.  It took thirty-nine years for me to smarten up, but even long after that, I would casually defend my smoker friends, and immediate members of my family who smoke, with a full understanding  of how difficult it was to give it up.  Well I’m done…..no more Mr. Nice Guy.  Your addiction is very beatable, the city of Fort Worth, Texas for example is correct in banning the hiring of any smokers into government jobs.  I don’t care if that discriminates against 20% of the population who are smokers.  That 20% of the people have a stinking habit that is obnoxious to everyone, (except them) and there will be no more defense from this guy.   I’m done with yuz…..smarten up!!


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