Felger and Massarotti discuss the increased level of violence evident in this years NHL playoffs. Why are these playoffs more violent? The guys raise a quote from Washington Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner that suggests that the league is following Bruins lead. Mazz thinks that this is a reasonable opinion, saying “In sports, whoever wins the last championship ist he model…the bruins are the model now…you taunt them, you hit them, you intimidate them.”

Felger, however, disagrees with Alzner and others who say that the Bruins have been characterized by “dirty play.” Felger raises the point that in 28 playoff games in the past two seasons, the Bruins have had no suspensions, and have only been fined once. Of the complaints about the Bruins’ play, Felger says, “this has fallen into crybaby territory.”

Mazz draws a distinction between the Bruins’ style of play and the play that has been seen around the league this playoff season, saying “this is who the Bruins are, when the Bruins play that way it is real.” According to him, violence appears to have increased because, “These other teams, that have to manufacture it, don’t know where “the line” is.”

Are other teams following the Bruins’ lead? What does this mean for the league?

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