BROCKTON (CBS) – It was closing time at a Brockton convenience store when a clerk got the scare of her life. Police are searching for the three men who robbed her at gunpoint.

“They tell you when you work at a gas station, just do what they say it’s not your money so don’t try to fight them for it,” says Rachel Angeli.

brockton Police Search For 3 Men Who Robbed Brockton Store At Gunpoint

Prestige Gas was robbed by three men at gunpoint.

And that’s just what she did when she was working the night shift at Prestige Gas in Brockton. It is the third time the store has been hit.

“I seen a gentleman coming into the store and I figured it was a regular customer,” she says.

But she found out she was wrong the hard way.

“He pulled his hood down over his face, took a gun out and told me to open the drawer,” says Angeli. “They told me to look down, not to look at them.”

“When they left I hit the panic button, ran and locked the doors and waited for the cops to come.”

The gas station and store are loaded with cameras, about fifteen of them inside and out and they got a fairly clear picture of at least one of the robbers.

Ramon Garay manages the operation and teaches every employee what to do if the worst happens.

“Somebody comes in, the procedure is open the drawer, give them the money,” says Garay. “Money can be replaced but not them.”

“I was mad because I just think that’s selfish,” says Angeli. “I’m just a single mom trying to make money for my kids and here you are coming in and just taking it, putting my life on the line.”

The robbers got away with just $200.


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