On Tuesday, Felger and Massarotti interviewed Boston Bruins President Cam Neely about the team’s win Monday night over the Capitals to take a 2-1 series lead.

Felger and Mazz comment that after Monday night, the series has become a bit more heated. Did Neely and the Bruins expect this? Do the Bruins thrive as nastiness and dislike develops between the two teams?

Neely thinks so: “When we initiate and don’t retaliate, we seem to play better.”

Neely responded to allegations that Brad Marchand was diving:

“[Marchand] doesn’t really dive too much, it’s not really his makeup…I can’t really say that he’s been embellishing too much.”

On a question from Mazz about Milan Lucic being more aggressive: “That’s what he needs to do to be successful and help our team…when he waits for things to happen — he can wait all game and nothing’s gonna happen — he’s gotta find it within himself… and get the other guys thinking about his game and his physical play.”

Felger identifies a key statistic from the first three games of the series – in the first two games, the Capitals blocked 48 shots, but last night in Game 3 that number dropped to just 15. What offensive adjustments did Claude Julien make? Neely says they were “just making sure we got the shots off quicker and try to find some holes and not trying to be too cute.”

Felger and Mazz then get Neely’s thoughts on the general violence that has been seen in the first round across the NHL, and whether he thinks this trend will continue.


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