By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

SOMERSWORTH, NH (CBS) – A windshield was smashed after one driver slammed into another in a clear case of road rage. But who is to blame depends on who you ask.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk spoke with both drivers who tell very different stories.

David Tufano was sent flying right through the windshield when another driver hit him. Pat Cox watched the whole disturbing scene.

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my life,” says Cox, “but I’ve never seen another person deliberately go after another person with a vehicle.”

It all began miles away when Tufano passed William Fuller. Fuller didn’t like it so he started tailing him all the way back to his neighborhood.

Tufano says, “He followed me in here and he followed me around for quite some time.”

Finally Tufano stopped the car and got out.

Cox recalled what happened next. “He asked the guy, he says ‘what’s your problem?’ The guy stepped on the gas and just hit him,” she says.

Tufano says, “He hit me and I hit the car and I bounced off the car and I guess I broke his windshield.”

Residents all around the scene back up David’s story. They say this was no accident. But when we talked to the driver, he told us he never meant to hit David.

Fuller says, “He started screaming at me banging on my driver’s window.”

Fuller, who is now charged with a felony claims he felt threatened.

“It was an accident, it wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t on purpose,” claims Fuller. “The only thing I did wrong was to stupidly, decided to follow him so I could yell at him.”

Police say it’s a lesson about road rage and when to just drive away. A lesson Tufano is thankful he survived.

“I’m still walking around so I’m happy and we’ll just go from there,” says Tufano.


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