BOSTON (CBS) — You’ve seen arenas pull stunts like “white outs,” where all the fans in attendance wear white shirts for big games, but the crowd for Game 3 between the Capitals and Bruins on Monday evening could debut the first ever “Obama out.”

Russian Machine Never Breaks, a Capitals hockey blog, posted Sunday that the best way for Capitals fans to get into the head of Bruins goalie Tim Thomas will be to turn every fan in attendance into President Barack Obama.

Thomas, of course, skipped the Bruins’ visit to the White House in January. The netminder later explained that it “was not about politics or party” and was instead a statement about the federal government growing “out of control.”

Despite that explanation, the blog (sarcastically, it should be noted), states it has “irrefutable proof that Tim Thomas’s performance in net is tied to the popularity of the American President.”

The blog then encourages fans to print out some posters. The first is an image of Obama’s head, with the words, “I missed you at the White House, Tim.” The second is Obama’s famous “Hope” poster, with the addition “you get pulled” underneath. The final image is another of Obama’s face, with dotted lines to cut out the eyes and wear as a mask.

“Cut out the eyeholes on the mask, tie it in front of your ugly mug, and give Thomas a warm welcome to Washington, D.C., the most powerful city on Earth,” the blog said. “This is your moment to shine.”

Thomas has allowed just 0.83 goals per game in the first two contests of the series, stopping 54 of the 56 shots he’s faced.

” Because — despite the mewling whines of ‘Leave Timmy alone!’ coming from the Boston area — we believe this is a winning strategy,” the blog said. “An angry Tim Thomas gives up goals. A scored-on Tim Thomas gets angrier. And then he gives up even more goals. It’s a vicious cycle, and we just need to get it started.”

Before you get too upset, the blog notes, “We’re just having a laugh and ribbing the other team. As long as we take a deep breath before speaking and keep our senses of humor in tact, I think we can do this with some degree of civility. Go team.”


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