BOSTON (CBS) – Joining Adam Kaufman for this edition of “5 Questions” is former NFL center Mike Flynn of 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Johnston & Flynn.

It’s Marathon Monday, but all that seems to matter right now is the Boston Bruins as they try to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. They are tied with the Washington Capitals 1-1 in their opening round series, with Game 3 Monday night in DC.

The Bruins haven’t gotten any points from their top six forwards… what’s up with that?

Meanwhile, the Red Sox‘ bats have come alive against the Tampa Bay Rays. But they’ll have to keep that going without center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who is out at least six weeks with a shoulder injury. How much will Ellsbury’s absence hurt the offense?

“5 Questions” with Mike Flynn 

Moving to the other team heading for the playoffs, the Boston Celtics. The C’s have played very well lately, and clinched a playoff berth for the fifth straight season over the weekend. Things weren’t looking great for the aging Big 3 just a few months ago, but what are Flynn’s expectations for the team heading into the postseason?

Now to the Patriots, who just re-signed center Dan Koppen to a two-year deal. With all the moving parts on the Patriots offensive line, how will Koppen fit in next season?

And what has Flynn noticed about this year’s NHL Playoffs? Find out all of that in this week’s edition of “5 Questions!”

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