Hingham (CBS) – A woman working as a psychic conned more than $7,000 out of an elderly woman by telling her it would save one of the victim’s family members from committing suicide, police said on Saturday.

Tiffany Crystal Smith, 24, runs a “psychic and card reading” business at 49 Whiting Street.

According to police, Smith told the 69-year-old victim there was a “curse and a black cloud” over her and it in order to lift it, she would need to pay $16,000 and bring her a piece of jewelry.

Police say Smith, who was using “Sophie” as her psychic name, told the victim if that if she did not come up with the money, a specific relative would commit suicide.

She also told the victim to bring back a piece of jewelry.

The victim, from Pembroke, returned and gave the Smith an antique $500 ring and a check for $7,000, officers say.

At that point, Smith allegedly told the victim to sell personal items, borrow the money, or bring a credit card to pay the additional $9,000, insisting that if the victim did not pay the full amount, the relative would commit suicide.

The victim alerted family members after she was unable to come up with the additional money.

The family immediately contacted the police, but at that point, authorities say the check had already been cashed.

Smith was charged with Larceny Over $250, Larceny Over $250 By False Pretenses, Larceny from a Person over 65, and Conspiracy.

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