Rich took some time as he always does on Friday to talk about movies. He started things out with some movie news.

First up some news involving a 2003 South Korean film called “Oldboy.” Apparently Spike Lee is going to direct the a remake for American audience. Fred thinks that their are certain parts of the story that will hamper it from being made.

A couple of other films that are looking like they are getting remade are “Carrie” and “Short Circuit.”

Rich moved on to the movies coming out this weekend and one of them gets a five out of five. The movie is called “Cabin In The Woods” and he thinks it’s one of the best movies he’s seen since “Inception.”

Rich couldn’t get into much detail because he didn’t want to give anything away. His recommendation was to see it this weekend.

Another movie hitting screens today “The Three Stooges.” Rich didn’t have anything great to say about the film other than it’s short. He also gets a chance to sing his movie review live with the help of their house band for the day Lotus Land, a Rush cover band.


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