BOSTON (CBS) – Jim Duquette of MLB Sirius Radio joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The DA Show Tuesday night to chat about everything Red Sox.

As Daniel Bard was making his first career start, Duquette argued that the young fireballer would be more useful in the bullpen, specifically as the closer in the absence of Andrew Bailey.

“I know he had some issues last year in September with his command, but overall he was much better in the bullpen,” said Duquette. “As soon as Bailey got hurt, he should have been back in the bullpen… somwhere along the line, the Red Sox have been a little stubborn with this situation.”

Moving on to manager Bobby Valentine, some fans are sick of his antics already. What can fans expect from the new manager of the Sox?

“He knows the pressure of dealing with a big market. He’s a very good manager. But does he put his foot in his mouth once in awhile? Sure.”

What about his lineups?

“Whatever he has on his bench, he’s going to use… If you dont like the lineup he puts out there, dont blame it on Bobby, blame the front office.”

How could the Red Sox have learned from the Texas Rangers with the Bard/closer situation? Should Valentine have a clean slate this season in Boston? Does Duquette thing the Sox botched the Theo compensation?


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