The Bruins and Capitals are geared up to battle in game one of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and fan songs are always fun to look for.

Gresh and Zo took to the web to find some Capitals fan songs and boy did they hit the jackpot today. Some of these song are a couple of years old, but still fun to play.

This first one sounds like it could be a “Singing Plumber” production.

These fans even went so far as to shoot an original video, but it doesn’t make up for the crappy song.

One more thing what kind of fan wears a shirt and tie to a hockey game?

Washington Capitals: The Hockey Song

This next gem comes to us from a guy who calls himself “King Koopa” and he wants to teach you about the greatest team to ever play the game of hockey in his eyes.

Get this he even gets a guy to dress up like Alexander Ovechkin and rap with a Russian accent.

The production value of this one almost makes this song bearable.

The Caps Rap


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