It was a big story in Boston when Tim Thomas didn’t attend the team’s visit to the White House to be honored by President Obama for their Stanley Cup win.

Thomas released a statement and told the media that he would not answer any more questions about the choice not to go. Now that the Bruins are going up against the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs the topic may be brought up again.

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Joe Haggerty wanted to know how Thomas would deal if he was asked about it, so he asked the goalie.

“Thanks, guys. We finally got someone to get me out early. Thank you,” was Thomas’ reply.

Thomas then proceeded to leave the room which ended the media session.

Haggerty spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday, touching on Thomas, the White House question and what others in the locker room think of their netminder.

Many are angry with Haggerty for asking the question, knowing that the goalie said that he would not answer any question about not attending shortly after skipping the trip.

“Look, he’s going to get asked that question playing in DC by national media, by Canadian media, by all kinds of different people; it’s not just going to be me. I was the first one to do it, I certainly won’t be the last.”

“Every time I go and do a radio interview in every spot in Canada and every place outside the United States they still ask about that and they still equate the struggles the Bruins had in January and February and early March with Tim Thomas skipping the White House and creating a rift.”

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Haggerty went through the Bruins’ dressing room and asked players how they feel about the Thomas skipping the White House trip. He shared a little bit of what Andrew Ference had to say on the whole ordeal.

“He basically said, ‘you will not find two more different people in the world than Tim Thomas and I as far as how we view the world and how we view things. But on the ice, we view things the exact same way and we want to win just as badly as each other,'” Haggs said of  Ference’s take.

With the regular season now at an end Haggerty released his player grades. The guys discussed why Haggerty gave Thomas a D and was his play affected by the choice not to visit the White House with the team?

“I think he did go through something personally after it happened and I think it’s hard not to do that, but the overall team struggles I don’t think had much to do with it.”

Are you upset with Haggerty for asking Tim Thomas about the White House trip?


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