WBZ-TV Statement On Technical Difficulties

Update 4/10: We have identified the issue and are working as quickly as possible to correct it.

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BOSTON (CBS) – Due to technical difficulties at a transmitter site in Needham, WBZ-TV and myTV38’s over the air signals are not working at this time.

This problem is affecting other stations as well, Paul Pabis, the Director of Broadcast Operations & Engineering, said in a statement Monday.

Crews have been working at the tower site since Sunday evening to fix the problem.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to have service restored soon,” Pabis said.

“We are still available on cable and some satellite TV providers.”

If you are affected by the outage, episodes of many of your favorite CBS shows are available online at cbs.com.

  • Michael M.

    I use nothing but antenna up here in New Hampshire. We’re counting on WBZ, WSBK and WGBH to come back online soon!

    • Ken M.

      Wow, I thought I was the only one not using cable or a sattelite.

  • TAR fan

    Reair ’60 Minutes’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ please!!!! So sad to miss them!

  • Mike Mole

    Antenna? What’s that?

    • Dana Sion

      The highest quality picture and audio that what it is

      • Hein

        Exactly! Antenna = Best Quality for best price.

        Took a while to get an acknowledgement and minor explanation for the outage here, but at least we have something.


  • Bill B

    You mention you are still available on “cable”. Once this problem started right after the finish of the sudden death on the Masters cable was out (RCN) and this morning cable was still out. I was surprised not to see more on your WEB site this morning.

  • Des

    Nationally, about 60% of households subscribe to cable television. I use an antenna to receive Boston television stations.

  • Kevin Haley

    Hope problem gets fixed soon I count on this station for my News

  • R. C. Rybnikar

    Thank you for taking the lead in posting this information. I am able to “piggy-back” on a neighbor’s WIFI but must rely on “over the air” broadcasting for TV. It would be nice if the other stations that are effected would post similar acknowledge the problem, too.

  • JG

    Thanks for letting us know and Please fix soon!

    Not everyone wants to pay an arm and a leg for cable, so yes, many still use antennas. Was also disappointed to have missed 60 minutes and amazing race, oh well.

    • Des

      It is possible to view previous “60 Minutes” broadcasts on the CBS News web site.

  • sharim

    Thanks WBZ! We miss you!

  • Nancy Lee

    Am glad to know it wasn’t my tv, as I don’t have cable, and I had seen wbz earlier Sunday. Hope it’s fixed soon!

  • D. Durdle

    Fan of CBS programming from Newfoundland,Canada. Really miss your station and hope you can have the problem rectified before my shows begin this evening. Keep up the good programming.

  • Joan Frankel

    Thank you very much for at least acknowledging this problem. WGBH has nothing up on their web site about it as of today, though their 4 WGBX signals are also affected. I not only am dependent on broadcast tv signals, not cable or satellite, but watch on my sturdy old analog TV via converter box/VCR combos, so I was very fearful that you’d started using a form of signal that my converter boxes couldn’t convert; glad to find this is not so.

    Please get back on the air soon!

    • Dana Sion

      I called WGBHvon the phone and they explained the situation in great detail. I am not sure why nothing was posted online from them.

      • jimmo531

        WGBH did post a notice about the transmission outag affecting WBZ-TV and the four tiers of WGBX programming. The notice may be found here–


  • Fred

    Was surprised it took this long for something to be put up online…was thinking it was my antenna/TV.

  • D. McHugh

    Still problems with BELD Cable in Braintree at 11:25 a.m.

  • Diane A

    Diane A

    you can view channel 4 program on channel 12 (wpri0 i think providence ri

  • John

    All municipal broadband is affected, analog affected, but cable such as Comcast and verizon not affected. Local Munis are ripping off the public and will blame BZ or anyone else so as not to bear the brunt.

    Dump Local Municipal Light Departments and Broadband, its just an excuse to give pensions to friends.

    • JACK

      Not just municipals are effected some of the smaller operators other than Comcast and Verizon who don’t have direct fiber optic connections in Needham. which is most everyone else! At least WCVB sent out an email last night telling the operators what had happened. Can’t say the same for CBS

    • deusest

      Don’t blame ALL municipals or even cable for a problem at a transmitter site. Fires and other incidents DO happen to transmitters. Satellite uplink/downlink does provide an alternate but is NOT always dependable or available. Channel 4 is available on SELCO in Shrewsbury! SELCO is a well managed municipal electric and cable system with possibly the LOWEST rates of any electric or cable system in the Commonwealth. We never lost power or cable during the October storm and were only out for ONE day during that ice storm several years ago. Can’t speak for the other municipals, but Shrewsbury’s SELCO is #1 in my book. Others municipals and the “big boy’s” could learn much from the SELCO operation.

      • jimmo531

        You’re absolutely correct–accidents and nature may affect broadcast and cablecast reception. This is not anything new or particular to the fiber optic era. Even in the “good old days” of pre-cable/satellite and pre-Internet, when most homes relied upon rooftop antennas to enhance their TV reception, it was always possible for a roof antenna to be knocked down by strong winds.

        And as far as accidents occuring, that may always be a factor. In fact, not too long ago, a Boston-area TV station lost one of its technicians, when he was killed in a fall from a transmission tower.Compared to a loss of life, certainly a day or two without a few local TV stations being on-air is something with which we may all live.

        There are still a majority of TV stations available to viewers, and watching DVDs or VHS tapes are still alternative viewing options to many

        In such times, the situation may also make some realize there are other things in life besides staring at a screen for hours on end, such as spending time with family and/or friends, physical exercise, or even reading a book, magazine or newspaper, for the confirmed couch potatos.

        It may also be a good time to rediscover a little invention called “radio.” I am sure WBZ would also not mind this, as it maintains a station at 103.0 MHz on the AM frequency.

      • Fred C

        wbz 1030
        Years ago WBZ had transmitters in Boston and Springfield.

        The studios were in Hotels. do you want the names?

      • deusest

        I remember hearing “WBZ and WBZA, Hotel Kimball Springfield, AM and FM”

  • tl

    This late notice–coming more than 15+ hours after the outage–is better than no status. Earlier notice would have demonstrated greater sensitivity and awareness of your loyal viewing audience. The engineering and technical staff really needs to be investigated and held accountable for this extended failure–and possibly incompetency–as there’s no backup plans? Amateur operation and poorly managed…

    • Bob

      You are correct. Well said!

  • deusest

    Channel 4 is available on SELCO in Shrewsbury but NOT off air. What happened?
    Was there a fire at the transmitter site? Would like to hear some information on the news. Your silence on the subject is deafening!

  • LG

    It sure took a long time for this information to be released. Nothing last night! This should have been addressed by asking stations that are working to send info regarding the outage. Silence on issues show disregard and is disrespectful of your viewership. Please consider how no information affects your community. Timely information from the station is your responsibility.

    • Italo

      Probably they chose not to air the notice on their Website here last evening, in the chance the problem got rectified so that they wouldn’t lose droves of viewers to the other stations. They probably hoped viewers would keep checking in to see if 60 Minutes came on, in which case they’d keep anticipated great ratings.

  • Katherine Hunt

    If you could live stream programming, I could watch on my computer!

  • a fan

    Please, please, get this fixed soon! There’s a new NCIS episode on Tuesday and I will be heartbroken if I can’t see it!
    BTW, I love CBS. It’s my favorite network, by far.

  • Woburn watcher

    Your phone lines are down, too. Been hunting for information as well as fiddling with DTV settings and the antenna for over 2 days. Clearly, the web and other forms of social media communication are not in the forefront of your emergency response plan. Glad to finally get confirmation that there was indeed a ‘sudden death’ problem with your tower circa 8 p.m., Sunday, April 8. I, too, worried that WBZ had altered its OTA signal. Puzzling that other Boston-area OTA TV and radio stations did not report this. Please continue to place updates on this website. Your audience wants to know more about the nature of the tower problem. This affects multiple stations and regions. I lost (virtual) channel 4, 38, and (PBS) 44.

    Wikipedia: “WBZ-TV’s transmitter and antenna are located in Needham, Massachusetts on the same tower as WCVB-TV, WGBH-TV, WGBX-TV and WSBK-TV’s HDTV transmitter. In fact, the tower and site are owned by CBS itself. Its signal covers Greater Boston, southern New Hampshire, extreme southern Maine, northern Rhode Island and northeastern Connecticut. “

  • Fred C

    Thank you digital tv. For over forty years I have had reliable television reception until someone decided to make the picture sharper. Since that glorious event I have had to buy converter boxes, a new tv , a new antenna and rotor and still can’t get reliable reception. It is not just channel four, it is the whole modernization of tv that was not really designed for over the air service. Even a bird flying between the signal and your antenna can cause a disruption. Unfortunately the coverage by digital is very lacking

    • bcpnpt

      AMEN to that ! !

  • Laurence Glavin (Methuen, MA)

    Interesting: I wasn’t home so I listened to “60 Minutes” on WBZ-AM on my car radio. When I got home, I played back shows I had recorded. Then this morning, I viewed a network-radio talk show on “Current TV” (Stephanie Miller). I only occasionally use an old analog TV with a governemt-susidized converter box (often to watch Emily Rooney and “Jeopardy before turning to cable for the night). Wow…I hope nobody has to climb the tower; today is a very windy day.

  • Joe Falcone

    Seems like neither CBS/4 or WGBH care or think non-cable customers are a priority – still nothing on the WGBH site as far as I can tell indicating there even is an issue.

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