MALDEN (CBS) – A man has been arrested in connection with a recent robbery at the Malden Mini Mart.

Malden Police obtained a warrant for 43-year-old Steven Garrett of Winthrop after a WBZ-TV viewer identified him as the person who robbed the store. The story aired Thursday night on WBZ-TV and myTV38.

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As officers from Malden and Everett were looking to arrest Garrett on Friday, he committed a robbery once again in Everett.

Officers apprehended him after a foot chase and struggle. He was arraigned in Malden District Court on Monday.

The Malden Mini Mart was robbed twice in four days last week.

  1. Cal says:

    This is the comment I left on the above article, Robberies Force Closure of Malden Store:

    “The solution to this problem is quite simple. Go to the Malden police station and get a License to Carry firearms for all lawful purposes. Guaranteed because you own a store and have proof of constantly being robbed. Then, simply purchase a Smith and Wesson .38 and load it with hollow point bullets. When they come in with a knife, hand him the money. At the same time, pull your .38 and shoot him in the face at point blank range! If someone comes in with a gun, hand him all the money. As he’s leaving the front door, fire five rounds of your .38 hollow point bullets directly into his back! It’s that simple. And replace the employees that leave with those that can have gun permits. Follow this advice and you won’t be robbed for another fifty years when they read in the newspapers what will happen to them if they try! Good Luck Jain! Cal

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