By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Once again, we are given a lesson in how money can’t buy everything, this time in the form of the nationally-televised temper tantrum thrown by Tiger Woods during the Masters.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

If you didn’t see it over the weekend, Tiger was having a bad time of it on the course, flubbing tee shots and missing short putts, and he began indulging in the behaviors that often accompany ineptitude on the golf course – namely, gestures of frustration, some profanity, and in one case, flinging his 9-iron to the ground and kicking it about 15 yards.

This caused a stir, and Woods has apologized for it.

It’s unclear if the PGA will fine him for his unbecoming conduct – they are notoriously secretive about disciplinary issues, perhaps because they are such an essential part of our homeland security.

But my question is – should they fine him?

Former golf pro Curtis Strange claimed Woods didn’t show proper respect for where he was, saying “This isn’t some other tournament, this is the Masters.”

Leaving aside the issue of whether a club that excludes women is really a paragon of good manners, that comment implies his behavior might have been OK for some lesser event.

One upset spectator told the press: “Golf is a gentleman’s game, and you should treat it as such.”

Gee, Woods didn’t cheat, or walk across someone’s lie.

And this is definitely not one of those times when you can wag your finger at an athelete for forgetting he’s a role model to kids.

If you can’t understand why Tiger Woods is so frustrated and tense these days, you haven’t been paying attention.

And I see no need to get uptight about it.

In fact, for those of us who aren’t celebrated multi-millionaires, it’s kind of a reassuring lesson that money just can’t buy happiness, on or off the golf course.

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Comments (21)
  1. bees knees says:

    Good review and Strange seems to have forgotten that Jack Nicklaus was equally as prone to temper in his younger days and equally as arrogant (for lack of a better word) as Woods. Get over it – really.

    It was a tremendous match and difficult to decide who you wanted to wear the green jacket in the end – both having played incredible golf. Good thing since our Easter weekend was planned around the Masters :)

  2. blackbear1 says:

    Get over it!! What does that mean?? Allow and condone it?? Strange was asked about Woods, not Nicklaus. Stay on task and don’t get into mindless comparisons. Woods has got away with a lot over the years and maybe it is catching up to him. I followed him around in a tournament once, and believe me it was profanity laced.

    1. bees knees says:

      My son caddied right behind Woods in the Pro-Am in Norton years ago and said he was incredibly focused but never rude in any way.

      I have never been a big fan of Woods – however, I believe what he did in his personal life should remain in his personal life and a good deal of the criticism of him now is because of that. The media is having a blast.

      Tiger has always been dramatic when he is not doing well. I’d be curious to know if Strange (and anyone else) criticized him before the breakup of his marriage. And I’d be curious if Strange would acknowledge that other golfers have been equally arrogant – including Jack.

      I’m also not fond of Strange judging another golfer. Woods apologized – enough said. As for Woods setting an example – you only need to look as far as the TREMENDOUS work Tiger does with kids.

  3. Sportsan says:

    Tiger Woods is an unstable little B and I’m happy to watch him ruin his career by acting like a little b

  4. twocents says:

    Ever since Tiger Woods came on the golf scene, those who have emulated him have made golf for the rest of us a miserable experience. If I pay $100 for a round of golf at well managed course, I don’t want the person they stick us with to be swearing and throwing clubs just because the shot didn’t turn out as planned. Unless you show up as a foursome, the club will pair you up with someone else. The respect for the game has gone wayward.

    Maybe if Tiger sucked up a bad shot and focused on what his next shot would be, he would play better. Some people can’t play “Angry Golf”. What if that club had gone a different direction and into the spectators?

    Unfortunately, the PGA likes ratings more than the integrity of the game and has given Tiger center stage. I enjoy watching the other players. I didn’t see Bubba Watson throwing his driver when he hit it into the woods on his last playoff hole. I just saw him hit a spectacular second shot and will the tournament.

    1. bees knees says:

      My husband and son play all over New England – outside of New England – and on a very regular basis. Neither has seen any change in golf and I can only wonder what courses you are playing that allow this. Tiger has always had a temper so I’m not sure you can relate his temper to his ability.

      I do agree that coverage has been better since Tiger has not been playing as much because we don’t have the cameras only on Tiger. That, however, can hardly be blamed on Tiger.

      If there is a change in attitude on the course – and as I said no one I know has seen any indication of that – then I’d blame it more on the feeling of entitlement that goes along with the new mindset in this country and not on Woods. If it were Woods, then the mindset would have changed long ago with others – such as Jack!

  5. JohnC says:

    Anyone who hasn’t screwed up something and gotten upset about it, has never done anything.

    1. bees knees says:

      Nicely said JohnC!

  6. The Owl says:

    JohnC, truer words haven’t been said.

    Just don’t make me part of your pity party when you feel that kicking and throwing things are what you need to assuage your wounded ego.

  7. FireGuyFrank says:

    All one has to do with any game where big money is on the line — baseball, football, hockey, basketball — is listen to the natural sound and realize the competitors use foul language. (In fact, I think most “live” games are on a seven second delay now.)

    Poor behavior? Yes. The PGA can fine him if there is a rule that says REGARDLESS of where the tournament is, a player shall not use foul, abusive language, and shall not throw clubs, kick clubs, or demonstrate frustration in such a manner.

    Jon, it seems you also want to discuss why Augusta National does not admit women. Fine. They don’t because they don’t have to. Should Smith College be forced to admit men? Afterall, Smith and women who attend receive federal funds in the form of aid. I could make the case that single gender schools who receive federal or state aid in any form CANNOT limit admission to one gender.

    1. Stanley11 says:

      I agree with everything you said.

      Another thing…..Tiger isn’t the only one that gets angry on the course. But to be honest, I thought it was funny when he kicked his club.

  8. Jaygee says:

    Yes, it is a “gentleman’s game” and yes it has had a history or racism & sexism. Augusta has a membership of “MEN ONLY” and deserves criticsm however there are also many organizations & clubs where only “WOMEN” are allowed so why all the fuss. People under the age of 30, even 40, have no idea of the blatant racism there was on all fronts before the Age of Aquarius. It didn’t matter if you were a millionaire, an actor or other anyone, even a soldier who just got back from serving your country and had a chest full of medals. If you were black, you were treated like a 3rd class citizen and it wasn’t only in the South.Tiger wouldn’t even been allowed to play there back in the day.

    1. bees knees says:

      There was a time Belmont Country Club was only for people who were Jewish. I am not sure if that was because the other CCs in the area didn’t not allow non-Christians. But it sure did rankle the wealthy, white Chistian men who belonged to Oakley and other nearby CCs. Used to make me smile – even as a child.

      That being said, Country Clubs have always been for the elite. You meet the qualifications and pay your dues and spend a certain amount every month on their food, and you are allowed to join. You can also pay a very hefty interim sum of money for improvements. Women at most clubs are still in the minority and can only play on certain days at certain times.

      However, you do not have to join the club and you know the rules if you do chose to join. There are far more public courses than private. I don’t like discrimination but if you join, you live by their rules.

  9. bees knees says:

    For those criticizing Tiger and hoping he’ll just go away, he has done as much as any single golfer to make the game of golf available to kids who would otherwise not be able to afford to play. Why do we always seem to go for a persons faults to the point where we forget his virtues?

  10. The Rock says:

    Former golf pro Curtis Strange claimed Woods didn’t show proper respect for where he was, saying “This isn’t some other tournament, this is the Masters.”

    Isn’t that a kick in the head by someone who was and is as arrogant and testy as Tiger Woods. He dropped many a F-bomb on national TV as well as on course when no cameras were present. He is a hypocrite as well as Tiger.

    1. bees knees says:

      GREAT find – and as I said in first comment – I agree

      Found this – interesting read

  11. bees knees says:

    I have a life size poster of Tiger with the mouth cut out. Sometimes I stick cruellers and carrots in the mouth part

    1. twocents says:

      Well now, that explains why you’ve been so fiercely defending him, but you really shouldn’t dismiss someone else’s experiences or opinion just because they differ from any of yours, your husband’s or your son’s. And there are plenty of other professional golfer’s that give to kids and disable golfers, they just don’t seek the publicity for it.

  12. mikey says:

    It appears that Tiger’s ex-wife , Elin, is better at handling a 9-iron than he is. She really gave his Cadillac Escalade a going over with one a few years back.

  13. BostonIrish says:

    Tiger Woods is getting his due. He has lost his mojo, and deservedly so.

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