Keller @ Large: Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Even In Golf

BOSTON (CBS) – Once again, we are given a lesson in how money can’t buy everything, this time in the form of the nationally-televised temper tantrum thrown by Tiger Woods during the Masters.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

If you didn’t see it over the weekend, Tiger was having a bad time of it on the course, flubbing tee shots and missing short putts, and he began indulging in the behaviors that often accompany ineptitude on the golf course – namely, gestures of frustration, some profanity, and in one case, flinging his 9-iron to the ground and kicking it about 15 yards.

This caused a stir, and Woods has apologized for it.

It’s unclear if the PGA will fine him for his unbecoming conduct – they are notoriously secretive about disciplinary issues, perhaps because they are such an essential part of our homeland security.

But my question is – should they fine him?

Former golf pro Curtis Strange claimed Woods didn’t show proper respect for where he was, saying “This isn’t some other tournament, this is the Masters.”

Leaving aside the issue of whether a club that excludes women is really a paragon of good manners, that comment implies his behavior might have been OK for some lesser event.

One upset spectator told the press: “Golf is a gentleman’s game, and you should treat it as such.”

Gee, Woods didn’t cheat, or walk across someone’s lie.

And this is definitely not one of those times when you can wag your finger at an athelete for forgetting he’s a role model to kids.

If you can’t understand why Tiger Woods is so frustrated and tense these days, you haven’t been paying attention.

And I see no need to get uptight about it.

In fact, for those of us who aren’t celebrated multi-millionaires, it’s kind of a reassuring lesson that money just can’t buy happiness, on or off the golf course.

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