Fans were upset with the collapse of the Red Sox and they hoped that this year would be different. Unfortunately the Sox started 2012 just like they ended 2011, losing.

The Sox were swept opening weekend in Detroit by the Tigers and are headed to Toronto 0-3 to take on the Blue Jays.

Someone sent a YouTube video of a very upset Sox fan to Gresh & Zo. This fan spits pure fire and no one on the Red Sox is safe. He has something to say about the pitching, ownership and even Adrian Gonzalez.

He thinks that the Sox should have never let Jonathan Papelbon walk away, but think a bigger mistake was taking Daniel Bard and putting him in the starting rotation.

This guy just lets it flow the way only a Red Sox fan could, one epic rant.

  1. rorio82 says:

    pleaase include a link to the youtube video

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