BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four tubs of hummus from a local supermarket.

The classic flavored contenders were Cedar’s, Joseph’s, Sabra, and Tribe.

Joseph’s finished at the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. Some might describe its flavor as mild, but Phantom would simply call it non-existent, except for that unpleasant burn in the back of his throat. At least the artwork on the lid was attractive.

A step up from there was Tribe. This popular brand is the thickest by far, meaning you’ll need a very sturdy chip if you’re looking to dip. The flavors were well-balanced, but also a little flat, leaving Phantom more than a little disappointed.

The runner up is Sabra. With more fat and calories than the rest of the competitors, this strongly flavored spread has a nice tartness that pairs well with carrots or crackers. Phantom especially liked the extra wide tub, which makes dipping easy, and helps keep his purple gloves clean.

At the top of the food chain is Cedar’s. The lightest and creamiest of the bunch, this brand had everything Phantom was looking for. The consistency is silky smooth, and the flavors are bright and balanced, with just the right notes of garlic and lemon.

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  1. emom says:

    This is interesting, I love the sabra hummas, Now I will try cedars. My favor flavor, Toasted pinenut… Will look forward to a new brand.

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