BOSTON (AP) — More than 500 immigrants and their supporters are preparing to gather at the Massachusetts State House to press lawmakers to support issues that are important to foreign-born residents.

Participants are also expected to ask lawmakers to reject anti-immigration bills and amendments they say would divide communities, cause immigrants to mistrust police officers and harm Massachusetts’ economic recovery.

Organizers say people scheduled to speak include consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren and her rival for the Democratic party nomination for U.S. Senate, Marisa DeFranco. Republican Sen. Scott Brown was invited.

The “Immigrants’ Day” is scheduled for Monday at the Gardner Auditorium.

The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition says the largest immigrant advocacy day of the year helps engage voters.

Massachusetts is home to 320,000 foreigners holding so-called green cards that are given to legal permanent residents.

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Comments (9)
  1. Enough says:

    When is “Legal Residents” Day? Where are all the people outraged at all the illegals in this state, and continuing to flood into this state, and when are they holding a rally at the Statehouse? How about a rally at the RMV that just issued a hardship license to a KNOWN illegal rather quickly? How about a rally at the Governor’s office who knowingly avoids any means of discouraging illegals?

    1. Stanley11 says:

      Count me in. I hope the voters see that Elizabeth Warren is supporting this and don’t vote for her.

  2. ginny2 says:

    Let’s call it what it really is, an effort to put ILLEGAL immigrants rights before actual citizens and legal immigrants. It’s time to tell these advocates to take a hike.

  3. Rob Cleary says:


  4. sloppjohnB2 says:

    Deport ALL of them!!

  5. Bees knees says:

    Is there anyplace this says illegal? If so I agree. If not every person posted here is descended from an immigrant.

  6. Hal J says:

    I love how the press twists the wording on these kinds of stories so that it makes you guess if they mean “legal” or “illegal” immigrants.

  7. Ed dracut says:

    I agree. It’s time that the lawmakers do something.. DEPORT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  8. JCA says:

    A call to ICE has been placed. Elizabeth Warren is a communist. I hope she plays this well with legal residents.

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