Gresh and Zo get a surprise visit from their friend and former Boston Bruin Mark Recchi.

Recchi hung with the guys in studio and they got his thoughts on this year’s current team.

“Even though the Rangers are number one, in a seven games series I really think the Bruins–they’ve been through it—they can come through.”

Recchi retired at the beginning of the season after winning his third championship, but now that the playoffs are right around the corner does he wish he were still a part of this team?

“Big time itch right now…Week before the playoffs, there is nothing better.”

They also discussed Tim Thomas as the season comes to a close. Some think that the B’s should rest the goalie and others think he should play in the last game on Saturday to stay war for the approaching playoffs.

What does Recchi think of the goalie’s recent play and does he think Thomas will be between the pipes against Buffalo?

“He’s been playing well. It’s the right time for him to get hot, and it’s the perfect time for him to get some rest. He’ll play Saturday and then he’ll have 3-4 days. He’s a pro, he knows what to do to get sharp and be ready.”

He also has some calming words for Bruins fans as he tells them to not worry, this team had some rough patches, but they will get through it.

  1. Craig says:

    There can only be one Dreamboat McGillicutty, I challenge Seguin to a duel!

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