Baseball insider Sean McAdam of joined Gresh and Zo as they prepare for the Boston Red Sox season opener in Detroit.

As the season starts the biggest story for the Red Sox are dealing with all sorts of things such as the injury to Andrew Bailey, Bobby Valentine appearing weekly on New York radio and closer options. What’s the biggest problem this team has as they open up the season in McAdam’s eyes?

“I don’t think there’s any question that it’s the instability or the uncertainty shall we say that surrounds the closer position. I actually think they made the right call in going with Aceves over Melancon.”

Does the fact that the Sox are starting things off with 13 pitchers mean that they don’t have 11 good ones?

“I think it’s about volume because guys perhaps aren’t as streched out as they’re going to be. I found it a little curious because they do have two off days in the first eight days of the season.”

McAdam told Gresh and Zo that the leash is short on current starting shortstop Mike Aviles and Bobby V. will not hesitate to make a switch.

“If they get off to a decent start and Aviles is making the sort of required plays, making the plays that he should, making sure the routine double plays get made he’s hitting .280 and he’s giving them a little bit of offense and the team’s over .500 , then there’s no need or incentive to bring Iglesias back.”

“If things start rolling down hill in a hurry that’s going to be one of the remedies that Valentine has in his back pocket.”


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