BOSTON (CBS) – Brian Boyle had it all. He was a young, handsome athlete about to start college in 2004.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Rod Fritz reports.

brianboyleax Man Who Died 8 Times Will Run In His 1st Boston Marathon

Brian Boyle nearly didn't make it after this horrific crash in Maryland.

But in a split second, on July 6, 2004, his life was turned upside down.

Boyle was 18 years old and on his way home from swim practice when he got into a horrific car accident just one month after graduating high school in Maryland.

A speeding dump truck hit Boyle on his driver’s side door, and the injuries were catastrophic.

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brianboyle1 Man Who Died 8 Times Will Run In His 1st Boston Marathon

Brian Boyle, while in a coma.

“Heart was ripped across the chest. Pretty much every major organ was damaged. Shattered ribs, shattered pelvis, broken left clavicle, major nerve damage on my left shoulder and blood loss of 60%,” said Boyle.

Boyle died eight different times before waking up from a two-month-long coma.

“For those two months that I was in the coma, I had to pretty much be brought back to life around eight times, and that was during my surgeries. I had 14 major operations. I had 36 blood transfusions and 13 plasma treatments,” said Boyle.

Boyle has a 12-inch scar right down the middle of his chest with three sets of staples, a scar across his heart, and scars for drainage tubes and IVs.

“I’m like the bionic man,” said Boyle.

brianboyle2 Man Who Died 8 Times Will Run In His 1st Boston Marathon

Brian Boyle, seen here during his recovery.

Soon after the accident, Boyle said his college swim coaches from St. Mary’s paid him an inspirational visit.

“The college swim coaches (said), and I can barely sit upright in a wheelchair at this point, and they’re saying, ‘Brian, we want you back on the team next year. We’re gonna do everything we can. You have the whole team behind ya.’ They brought these shirts and all these cards, the get well cards and so forth,” said Boyle. “It gave me the most hope to realize that my life wasn’t over yet.”

brianboyleswim Man Who Died 8 Times Will Run In His 1st Boston Marathon

Brian Boyle, seen here doing what he loves.

Since the accident, Boyle has run three iron man triathlons and eight marathons. He’s running his first Boston Marathon later this month.

“Boston is the biggest marathon in the world. It’s the most historic race, and for me, to go into the race with the Red Cross, it means the world to me.

This will be Boyle’s first marathon in two years because of a running injury.

Comments (27)
  1. freethinker says:

    What I would like to know: Is the driver of that speeding dump truck, which caused this accident, still in prison? If he had injured Brian with a gun he certainly would be. So why not with a vehicle, which IS a deadly weapon too. We need stricter laws for those killing or maiming people with their cars/trucks, whether they are drunk, high, enraged or distracted. Until that legislation is passed, your kid and mine will be threatened every time they take to the road. Demand action from your legislators! Don’t be a silent future victim. Speak up while you can.

    1. dan says:

      how do you know he went to prison?

    2. Leigh Ann says:

      This is another one of those instances where the media takes literary-freedom. Speeding-dump truck, both vehicles were traveling at slightly above the speed limit. There is no indication that the dump truck driver was doing anything illegal. As a matter of fact, all reports call it a “freak accident.” ACCIDENT, His own web site, and interview calls it a “freak accident.”

  2. rosamindy says:

    He’s a brave, strong young man. I admire his courage. But you can only “die” once. He never “died”, or he wouldn’t be here telling his story.

    I have in-laws that each claim to have “died” several times. It’s kind a silly way to look at what he went through.

    1. Pastor Cindy says:

      Actually, you’re wrong. A person is clinically dead anytime their heart stops beating. But you can only be biologically dead once, which happens 6-8 minutes after the heart stops, when oxygen-deprived brain cells begin to die.

  3. Tom says:

    Apparently he is better at running, swimming and biking than dying…good trait to have

  4. m' says:

    You should probably add some punctuation in the headline. I thought he died 8 times while running the marathon.

    1. jinxie says:

      thats exactly how I read it. Thank you!

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