By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a new Consumer Reports survey out on the best and worst supermarket chains in the country and a newcomer to Massachusetts sits at the top.

Wegman’s came in at number one on the list with a score of 88 out of 100.

Wegman’s opened its first Massachusetts store in Northboro back in October and has plans for stores in Westwood, Chestnut Hill , Burlington and Boston.

Other chains with local stores that cracked the top 10 include Trader Joe’s at number two, Costco at five and Tewksbury-based Market Basket at seven.

However, some of the state’s biggest chains also scored near the bottom.

Stop & Shop was ranked number 41 on the list out of 52 chains.

Shaw’s finished near the bottom at 50.

More than 24,000 readers took part in the Consumer Reports survey.

They rated service, quality of produce and meat, price and cleanliness.

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Comments (14)
  1. Scanner Man says:

    Shaws blows! Glad to see other people agree…..

    1. ELaw says:

      Have you ever shopped at Market Basket? Food that’s frequently spoiled even before its sell-by date, and that’s if they even have what you want which they often don’t. And that’s in spite of the fact they had 100 of the item on the shelf the week before. I think their slogan should be “we’re always out of what you want”. But their prices are low so everyone ignores the other issues. And sadly because of that, they drive out all the competition. There are 5 supermarkets within a reasonable driving distance of my home and they’re all Market Baskets – ugh.

      1. Cis says:

        i totally agree! they’re always convienently out of an item or size for which mfr has issued coupons for deep discount. forcing you to buy bigger size, reducing discount or buying another more expensive brand if it’s something you really need. the so nashua MB is just now being remodeled to accomodate food to go area. sad that’s only reason cleaning out 20+ yrs of filth on the floors, ceilings and racks. i now buy my produce, meat, and staple at costco, better quality variety and price. if i need to do a big shop i trudge up to super walmart in amherst nh – wish they’d make the hudson one a super walmart.

  2. FireGuyFrank says:

    Wegmans is awesome! I hope they build more stores in Massachusetts and NH.

  3. GPE says:

    Wegmans of Northborough is intolerably jambed and crowded on the weekends.. My complaints: Parking lot madness, horrible produce, limited selection and poor layout. Great prepared foods.
    I cannot imagine adding rudeness when they open in Newton.

  4. OxMom says:

    I don’t know about other Market Baskets, but the one in Oxford is always clean, well stocked and the employees are always friendly and helpful. They hire a lot of high school and college kids, which I think is great! Whatever their training program is, it seems to work well because I have nothing but nice things to say about their employees, who are courteous, friendly and professional. Their seafood, meat and produce selection is outstanding and best of all? Their prices! I went from spending $300 a week at Shaws, to $170 a week buying the same items!

  5. Beringer says:

    I love the Market Basket, I just recently went to the new one in New Bedford, beautiful store, very friendly staff. I purchased tomatoes on the vine at .79 cents a pound, Stope & Shop a few days before when I purchased one there, $3.99 a lb..I bought lots of fruit and veggies and they were all very fresh. I can’t wait till they open the new store in Sagamore…Thanks Market Basket…

  6. Templeton retired says:

    Out here in the Gardner area there is overpriced Stop & Shop and rotten produce Hannafords. Many people I know drive out of town to get to a Market Basket.

  7. Richard Chaney says:

    Shaws is terrible, that much I agree.
    There are two Stop and Shops within 2 miles of me, 1 is much better than the other. The prices could be a little lower, but they are lower than Roche Brothers.

  8. Pete Langlois says:

    The Market Basket in Londonderry, NH is one of the biggest in New England and is the largest in NH. It is always well stocked, well lit, and clean. They have free wi-fi in the Market Kitchen which is GREAT. Love the fresh breads, pastries, pies, etc. Produce is always fresh and abundant. Meat selection is great and its seafood selection is stocked as well. They will order you items they do not stock as well. All you have to do is ask. I do it a few times a year and stock up on products they don’t carry and get them at a great price.

    1. Marky says:

      I love that place..usually buy more then I need.

  9. Jon Waterman says:

    I used to be a loyal Whole Foods shopper, but the ethnic and class profiling that goes on in some of their stores is a disgrace, and the customer service of the company- at least the New England Regional office- is horrendous.

  10. 1stackmack says:

    l’ve been to the wegmans,the atmosphere was great,but they didn’t have everything l was looking for at the time which was shocking.the market basket chain is the best if your on a budget,no club cards and all that BS.but here in burlington the market basket here although brand new with bigger wider still need shoulder pads and a helmet to go there.and the shaws here,is just larger convent store sized market.l’m trying to figure out were the wegmans is going,were its planned to go,its all occupied office space.

  11. fortguy85 says:

    shaws is just horrible… amateur operation

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