By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – For now, Tim Cahill is presumed innocent.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

And while he was unusually flagrant about allocating lottery ad spending to benefit his gubernatorial campaign, it’s worth noting that only became a crime in 2009.

Before that, it was a civil offense.

Were we less ethical way back then, or did we figure that it would be too expensive to build all the new prisons we’d need if we incarcerated the members of Congress and countless state and local officials who use public funds to nakedly promote their political images, under the guise of “keeping in touch with constituents”?

Anyway, it’ll be up to Attorney General Coakley to make these indictments stick, and we’ll watch her try with an open mind.

But while we wait to hear both sides, let’s consider the circumstances of the Cahill case, and what it tells us about our local political class.

The story of Cahill and the lottery ads came out during a finger-pointing frenzy over the total implosion of the Cahill campaign, with the defection of his running mate and several campaign staffers.

He sued them to keep them from sharing his “campaign secrets” with the hapless Baker campaign, secrets that spilled all over the courtroom during their nasty little legal battle.

In other words, with all due respect to Tim, his campaign was a mess, hijacked by untrustworthy consultants he hired, driven to what are now alleged to be criminal measures in a hopeless attempt at revival.

It was a venture typical of a political culture that too often becomes obsessed with its ego and ambition and forgets what it’s supposed to be standing for.

Cahill ran as an independent champion of the working classes.

Instead, he championed a strategy of using the tax dollars of those workers to boost his own prospects – by reminding them of his work siphoning off their ill-invested lottery dollars.

Something’s wrong with that picture.

And Cahill’s not the only one who fits in it.

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Comments (11)
  1. Fenway Franklins says:

    This is going to get messy

  2. FireGuyFrank says:

    Another reason to clean house in November, folks.

    1. bees knees says:

      I don’t believe cleaning house is he answer. The politicians we elect have to honestly understand the people they represent. I’m not seeing that – in either party. Cleaning house will simply replace what we have with more of the same.

  3. Onyango Obama says:

    I lost my job at the liquor store but I will still be able to get my hands on them drinkies.

  4. NikW says:

    I think Deval had something to do with this!

    1. bees knees says:

      Do you have real reason to believe or just tossing the idea out there?

  5. Mark says:

    Bill Galvin has been doing what Cahill did for years….where was Marsha then?

  6. mike says:

    Dear family, friends, business associates ans anyone who thinks I am a pain in the ass. The world gas prices per barrel dropped last week by 6 cents. The price at the pump went up by 5 cents. The only logic in this is that we are being ripped off and gouged extra dollars by the gas companies. I emailed Esso, Shell, Petro Canada and asked for an explanation. No reply by anyone. I expected this. We need gas to drive our cars. they know it and will charge whatever they like. The gas companies have us by the throat and can squeeze at will. DO NOT buy anything but gas from the gas station. This is a small step in fighting back. Pass this on to whomever you can. Let’s squeeze back. Let the sandwiches and the coffee rot on their shelves. Let the mice eat their chocolate bars and let the lottery machines stay silent. Together let’s fight back. If the owners of the Gas Stations start crying, then it might trickle its way up. I am sending this to as many radio stations as possible. Help spread the word.

    1. bees knees says:

      Too many in this country won’t take the time to do this. It would mean an inconvenience to them. I still see tons of people buying gas at an Exxon station down the street where the price is 10 cents higher than a smaller station 1/4 mile away.

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