Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins on this Tuesday afternoon and began the show by discussing the Red Sox’ injury situation following the news that Josh Beckett and Andrew Bailey may be diagnosed with thumb injuries. The guys said that this appears to be another hit in a string of bad news for the Red Sox in the past year.

Wiggy discussed the contrast between the outlook for the team this year and the outlook this time a year ago: last year, “you looked at this team and said, hey, this could be a team that gets back to the World Series. Now fast forward a year later and you look at this team and its like the wheels are falling off the bus this year.”

Mazz is disappointed with how the offseason has gone for the Red Sox, saying that in many ways, many of the problems that needed changing have not been changed: “It doesn’t feel like the core problems or issues have been dealt with at all.” Mazz identifies Josh Beckett as a player that might have been part of those problems.

Later, the guys turned to the Red Sox’ general manager, Ben Cherington. How has he performed in his first year on the job?

Felger, Mazz, and Wiggy run down Cherington’s moves this offseason, concluding that it has been a fairly lackluster performance so far, highlighted by the Bailey move, that, according to Mazz, is “so damning to Cherrington already on a lo of levels.”

What could Cherington have done? What can still be done for the Red Sox in 2012?


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