The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, April 26th and there is a whole new crop of quarterbacks available. So who better to sit down with them? None other than Jon Gruden.

Gruden sat down with future Indianapolis Colt Andrew Luck, and it didn’t take long him to bring up “The Sheriff,” his favorite nickname for the quarterback.

He asked Luck how he would feel to be drafted by the Colts and have to face Peyton Manning in Indy this season.

Grunden also broke down some plays with the young quarterback, mainly the “Spider 3 Y banana,” which Gruden has seen a lot of over the years.

All this “Y banana” talk led to a great little Toucher & Rich classic at the end of the show.

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  1. Evan says:

    This sentence was extremely painful to read: “The NFL Draft is kicks off on Thursday, April 26th and there is an all new crop of quarterbacks available and who sits down with them every year, Jon Gruden.” Honestly, is sounds like it was written in Hungarian and then poorly translated in to English.

    I am a freelance writer and editor. If you would like, I would be happy to write and edit your material so that sentences like that never happen again. In case you were wondering how I would change it: “The NFL Draft kicks off Thursday, April 26th. This year’s crop of quarterbacks will continue the tradition of meeting with former coach Jon Gruden to talk Xs and Os.” Or something like that.

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