EASTON (CBS) – A Stoughton man found passed out over the weekend has been charged with driving drunk for a fifth time.

Easton police say they found 44-year-old Joseph Guiney and another man passed out in a van in the Tedeschi’s parking lot on Columbus Avenue around 7 p.m. Saturday.

They say Guiney “fell to the ground” when officers asked him to step outside and they had to carry him into the police cruiser.

He was held at the House of Correction in New Bedford on $2,000 bail.

He’ll be arraigned Monday in Taunton District Court.

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  1. emom says:

    5th time on drunk driving, Was alseep in his car, only $2000 in bail,, YEAH what a system.. he will be back on the streets driving again. At this point its safer for those that Are not drunk or commit crimes to go to jail ,,,, after all they get 3 meals a day, a place to sleep, something to where and lets not forget FREE HEALTHCARE, Society is all messed up nowadays.. Its bad when the criminals n& guilty can GET OUT OF JAIL ALMOST FREE…

    1. Loving Cousin says:

      THIS IS A SHAME!!!!!!

    2. Dean Vernon Wormer says:

      “something to where”

      It should’ve been “something to WEAR”. Try again.

      1. emom says:

        Thank you , Something to wear,,,, Spellcheck did not catch it,

      2. emom says:

        Thanks,,, spell check did not catch that. It should have been , something to wear.

  2. NikW says:

    This state is a joke when it comes to laws. Love the liberal mindset

    1. Richard Chaney says:

      lol NikW what a fool you are. Laws are tougher than most Red states. In texas you can drive while drinking alchohol and they have drive through liquor stores!

  3. I am his lawyer says:

    Actually he lives in the van (just look at his mug shot). Therefore he was at home at the time. No crime. Trust me the judge will buy this story.Case closed. Love this state!!

  4. Jeammah says:

    Very sad to see the yahoo comments. As long as the ‘general public’ refuses to acknowledge and allow our systems, i.e., health-care and government, to do something about this mess it will continue, continue. A 5th timer does not get chances, he’s totally lost and a mess. And, yes, he may kill someone. So stop whining, and demand that the powers that be do something to address chronic addiction. Also, our jails are full of types like him, absolutely full. I don’t want my taxes to be going endlessly towards ‘lock them up’ solutions. It’s no solution, just wasted expenditures.

    1. ginny2 says:

      Since when is it my responsibility to watch over and fund every program for drunks, addicts, criminals when I am told I have to be responsible for my own actions? If I am held responsible for mine then they too need to be answerble for theirs. I am not the local babysitter! I’m not feeling allot of sympathy for them anymore, they chose the direction they took in life, I didn’t do it for them. Don’t cry me a river, the rivers gone dry

      1. Richard Chaney says:

        Ginny do you think jail is free? It cost a lot of money to lock people up. This guy needs to be kept off the road though, maybe a low security camp for drunks that do not respond to treatment or can’t stay off the road is in order. If they try to escape from that then they go to prison.

    2. Loving Cousin says:

      I really hope that your statement reagrding ‘yahoo comments’ wasn’t in response to my comment. I do believe that some people need help and I do believe in HELPING those. *Insert MY OWN ASSUMPTIONS* this man doesn’t not want any help. I don’t know this for sure as I don’t know him but I do know the facts since they’re plainly stated here. His 5th charge for drunk driving,….he’s not intersted in helping himself.
      My Husband WORKS for the STATE at an amazing facility where not only do they hlep the homeless/addicts/the whole 9. His program along with many others in the program provide shelter, food, clothing, psychological help/counseling, my list can go on. He takes his job very serIously and often comes home pining over the people he helps. So to state that our system doesn’t acknowledge these people is incorrect. As adults, we have to WANT the help. Our tax dollars are being put to work. And with all the help he provides, my husband doesn’t even make over $16/hr and we struggle daily to provide the neccesaties for our 2 little girls without assistance form anyone or the state.
      Locking him up is NOT a solution however a prevention for any more pain. I’m sure he’s huting family with his condition but why allow him to subject his pain onto others by putting him back out on the streets.
      As we have seen all to often, drunk drivers never kill themselves….they kill/hurt/mame innocent people…..like my 22 yr old cousin WHO WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AND IS FOREVER REMINDING OF HER FRIGHTENING NIGHT!

  5. James says:

    This guy will be arrigned on Monday for Drunk Driving, then he will post bail and when the time comes for his court date the judge will either find away to throw out the case or will dismiss it without finding. This guy will have to kill someone before MA has the CANTALOPES to enforce their own drunk driving laws. It’s a good thing MA has laws like Meaghan’s Law.

  6. emom says:

    Sadly, we have been asking for change,BUT, every time we vote in some new YAHOO. this is what happens.. SO explain that.. Next they have let people out of prison for murder, far to many times and they commit the same crime again , Hey the parole board wants to release another criminal talk about a joke and HEY they were just hire, FIRE THE GOVERNOR AND EVERYONE IN THE STATE HOUSE ,START FROM SCRATCH ,,,,,,, AND………….. HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE FORWHAT THEY SAY AND DO,,, That will surely stop them from doing the wrong thing, or at least make them rethink about it.
    By the way does anyone think that any of the political people ever listen to the people,,,, talk about a joke,, thats the pool I rather stay out of .

    1. George Bush says:

      The USA has 5% of the worlds population and 25% or the world’s prisoners. We cannot afford to just put everybody in jail. Prison is not a deterrent to many people anymore. Besides the jails are so full we have to keep releasing people early to make room for more.

  7. Rob Cleary says:

    How can you arrest someone for allegedly driving when the cop himself said he was asleep?

  8. Scott says:

    5 times…….whats his limit ??????? 10 times before the state puts him takes away his license & puts him in jail? He should be locked in jail after his 3rd offense & serve 3 years in jail without parole.. Maybe he’ll learn from that. Any offense when he gets out are more severe, but this state has a weak judical system, so thats why he does it!

  9. Onyango Obama says:

    Hey Joey my man! I told you to move to framingham! its great out here! I never have to worry about the coppers and I have access to more booze than anyone in the whole state!

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