By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

A Hard frost greeted many suburbs this morning with morning lows dipping into the mid 20’s in Nashua, Bedford, Norwood, Taunton, Plymouth, New Bedford and on the Vineyard. It has been so mild this winter…It was actually one of the few mornings this year I actually had to scrape my windshield! I am sure the frost had a some sort of damaging effect on the fruit trees in area orchards thanks to their early blooming fruit. Clear skies and light winds through the overnight allowed temps to really bottom out at dawn.

It is amazing what sunshine and a South wind can do this time of year! After this frost start, temps are quickly on the rise this morning and will be climbing to 50-55 degrees by this afternoon! About 10 degrees warmer than Saturday…still it should remain slightly cooler at the coast from Boston to the Cape with more of a light SE wind keeping temps in the 40’s to near 50.

High clouds are already advancing ahead of our next disturbance, a weak wave of low pressure swing in from the Great lakes and tracking through SNE late today and off the coast tonight. This is the leading edge of cooler air which will push back into New England tomorrow. Clouds will be increasing this afternoon ahead of this low with late day showers pushing into western New England after 2 PM. Showers will quickly spread eastward and reach the coast around 6 or 7 PM. Light southerly winds will keep temps in the 40’s and 30’s with a somewhat rainy evening in store. Showers will not be heavy…just steady which could end up producing just over a quarter inch of rain…not enough bu appreciated by our lawns and gardens.

Once off the coast, the low will intensify and begin to drag in some colder air by dawn. I can not rule out some wet flakes mixing in, but right now it looks like the risk of showers will continue at the coast through tomorrow morning. Low clouds will hang tough for the first part of Monday, but high pressure sliding south out of Canada with breezy NW winds should supply enough sinking dry air to erode the clouds in the afternoon for some increasing sun with a cooler feel in the 40’s

The high will slide south and begin to wrap in warmer SW winds Tuesday with temps climbing into the 50’s to near 60. High clouds will be advancing ahead of our next front which should push through Tuesday night with a brief shower.  Behind the front, breezy NW winds will be enforced Wednesday with sun and clouds. Cool air aloft with an upper low in the Canadian maritimes may spin in just enough instability and lift to trigger building PM clouds Wednesday with a brief shower…but temps should still be mild for this time of year in the 50’s near 60.

The cooler air should shift in Thursday-Saturday with a persistent NW flow…and dry air. Plenty of sunshine to end the week with seasonal temps near 50. We should see temps warming into the 50’s and 60’s as the weekend proceeds.

Of course, no April 1st would be complete with  out remembering nature’s cruelest joke of winter storms…the April Fools day Blizzard! It just so happens to be the 15th anniversary of that crippling storm. 25.4″ became Boston’s greatest 24 hour snowfall…picking up 12″ in just 4 hours in thundersnow! 33″ fell in Worcester which still remains it’s greatest snowstorm.  Because of this storm, I have found everyone always remain a little cautious about writing winter off until April is through. That is pretty wise in your typical active winter pattern…but this winter is anything but typical. It was toast long ago. Hard to imagine something like that happening in this pattern with the current signals of the NAO & AO. But the storm always gives us pause….

With the dry week of weather ahead, & the advance of the growing season, talk of the current state of drought will take center stage. I will be going to the National Weather Service this week to do a report. A real good rainstorm would do a world of good. Love the raindrops tonight!

Comments (8)
  1. April...not so much says:

    Fairly typical April. Fits and starts of warmer weather. NAO doesnt look to stay negative all that long. Hang on for a couple more weeks and the warmer weather should be a bit more consistent. April is my least favorite month. The weather doesnt know if its still late winter or spring. come on May!

  2. Italo says:

    I just saw the 7-day. I can take 50s and bursts of sunshine. Under an April sky, that means weather that is and feels a lot better than a sunny day would at the beginning of cold January. Spring is here, and summer isn’t too far away! I love May, too, because usually everything comes into bloom. Except for this year, I guess, where a lot of that happened already. Then once we start getting consistently warmer weather about a little less than three months from now, starting about the end of June, I’ll be a happy camper for those six or so once-annually weeks of usually more tranquil summery weather conditions.

  3. Tim says:

    I like May the most of the spring months. Everything really comes out in bloom, days are much longer, and it seems everyone is pleasant during May…

    Anyhow, given how the week will stay in the 50s, sometimes getting into the mid/upper 50s, which is still a tad above normal, I’m not gonna complain…

  4. JimmyJames says:

    As long as the sun is out I don’t mind below normal temps for spring and summer.

    1. Italo says:

      Especially if it were dry a lot. Imagine if we’re lucky enough to get a summer that has a lot of those sunny, warm, windy but very dry days with low dew points? Spectacular!

  5. man-o-wx says:

    Co2 is making a difference.

    1. Joe says:

      Absolutely agree! Without it my kegerator is just a fancy but useless refrigerator! This afternoon I’m doing my part to eliminate as much Co2 as possible. :)

  6. Richard Chaney says:

    My Asparagus are coming up, they are about 100x better than the supermarket ones.

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